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Year of expected graduation:

Major 1:

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How did you hear about study abroad?: (select all that apply)
Information session
Other student(s)
Faculty member
Academic advisor
Study Abroad Fair
Other (please specify)

Have you traveled abroad before?

If yes (to the above), where did you go?

Where would you like to study abroad?

When do you wish to study abroad?

What type of program are you interested in?

If you want to spend a semester abroad, which term would you like to go?

Do you need financial aid for study abroad?

Are you a Federal Pell Grant recipient?

What are your academic goals for a study abroad experience?

What are your professional goals for a study abroad experience?

What are your personal goals for a study abroad experience?

What foreign language(s) do you speak? What is your level fluency?

Would you prefer a program with instruction in English, a foreign language, or both?

What types of courses would you be interested in taking? (select all that apply)
Major/minor requirements
General education requirements
Research project

What type of housing would you like while abroad?

How familiar are you with your host country's history, culture, politics, etc.?

Have you taken any coursework at LC relevant to your study abroad experience?

What cross-cultural/international activities are you involved in at LC?

Which events with an international focus have you attended (on/off campus)?

How would you incorporate your study abroad experience into your life at LC after you return from abroad?

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